A how-to guide about lots and vacant land for agents, investors, and you!

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Homes you sell sit on land,

and there are things you must know. 


. . . UNTIL NOW!

I have been selling houses and land for 20 years,

and I want to help YOU. Often, you may not have the correct information on a property, but you don’t know what you don’t know or where to find it.


That’s where I come in. 

Let me teach you what no one else

will about land.


This book is for you if


You OWN land

You want to BUY land

You want to SELL land

You want to BROKER land


The houses you sell typically sit on a piece of land, don’t you and your clients deserve to have all the knowledge you can gather about that property? 

From finding the owner to discovering the future zoning potential, I will show you what you need to know and where to locate crucial information. 

You deserve to become the most knowledgeable agent or investor you can with a little help from a little book. 


Discovering land, owners, locations, and conditions


Surveys &



The must knows about soil, water, sewage, & restrictions

Your go-to guide for

navigating lots and land!

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Cheryl Sain’s book is absolutely required reading
for all investors and real estate brokers, in my opinion.
My hope is you will enjoy, learn, and refer to her book
for many years to come in your personal and professional
purchasing and selling of commercial and residential property.


Bill Gallagher | DREI, GRI / Founder, Superior School of Real Estate

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